Friday, April 19, 2013

ROS dan logo dan logo dan logo dan rosss...

Pendaftar Pertubuhan , ROS (bukan Rosmah) tidak bagi logo Roket digunakan oleh DAP menyebabkan DAP bercadang menggunakan logo PAS dan PKR dalam PRU 13 kali ini.
Haiiihh! Teruk betullah ROS ni...logo 1 Malaysia macam na? Boleh guna?
Permudahkanlah proses pilihanraya. Pilihanraya adalah proses yang sepatutnya mudah. Jangan buli-buli tau? Bagilah dia nak guna logo dia, apa salahnya? Kesianlah sama PSM, kenapa PR tak bagi guna logo PSM sendiri?
eh! Tersasul pulak...kekekeh!

Paparon - teringat lagu lama Sohaimi Mior Hassan - Ros! Maka aku di sini terlantar kesakitan....


IBD said...


He was in the government for seventeen long years
But can anyone remember any contribution he made of significance?
Try hard as you may with all your blood sweat and tears
None, coz he spend his office time not to work but for political machination

First he became Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture
Malaysian youth were none the better under his management
Our sports was at its lowest ebb and our football lost its lustre
We didn’t win any gold in regional or international event

Then he became Minister of Agriculture for sometime
The only monument to his name is Pasar Tani
The National Agric Policy was not even made during his time
Alas the farmers life does not improve much under his ministry

For a full five years he was education minister
The only act he did was abolish history lesson
Thus he laid the ground for many unpatriotic youngster
Whom he thinks will vote for him in coming elections

As Finance Minister his grasp of economics is pathetically brittle
So when the country face severe financial crisis
He swallowed IMF prescription lock stock and barrel
He almost bankrupt the country and threw it into economic abyss

His political machination did work smoothly for a time
Quite a number of big wigs he managed to topple
But his waterloo came when he tried big-time
His attempt to oust the PM became a deadly stumble

Now I don’t even talk of his moral character
That’s up to you folks to use your judgement
But just think of his ability as a worker
Would you hire him to look after your father’s clothing department?

So by now you should know who is this jerk
The guy whose name goes by Anwar Bin Ibrahim
This Malay Studies graduate can only talk but cannot work
You know what to do in the coming election? Just reject him!

Kuala Lumpur

Anonymous said...

To my dear Ibd pukimak lu mother fucker

Anonymous said...

To my dear Ibd pukimak lu mother fucker

Anonymous said...

IBD, IBD, Ko ni baru keluar hutan ke? Duk sana berapa lama? nak tanya satu soalan mudah je, sejak sabbery chik jadi menteri belia dan sukan malaysia layak pegi world cup ke? sembang cam orang mabuk todi, tak kira la ko pandai cakap omputih pun..tapi otak 0 (cam lagu najwa latif)..